Client Testimonials

I met Julia Wexler over 4 years ago at a very critical point in my life. She played an integral part in my personal and professional path of self- discovery, which ultimately led to a tremendous improvement in the balance and quality of my life. I had recently returned to work at a prominent investment bank. Even though on paper, I had a very successful career I was incredibly unhappy, disconnected from my family and completely unsatisfied professionally. I was very skeptical and I had no interest in meeting with an executive coach, I would handle it all myself- as I had done my entire life. Reluctantly, I spoke with Julia on the phone and I found her to be incredibly smart and insightful, direct and honest. I decided to hire her as my executive coach. Julia was able to help me understand the incredible pressure I put on myself to succeed, to meet the oversized expectations of my parents, friends and loved ones. Most importantly, Julia helped me learn to live in the here and now, to stop passing judgment, to truly be present with my children and loved ones. She truly save me and changed the direction of my life for the better.

MD, UBS Securities

Julia Harris Wexler is an expert at identifying strengths that you have, but do not realize. After my initial session, I quickly realized how much more I had to offer my business, family and myself.

Julia has an enormous capacity to gather, digest and synthesize information. Her coaching allowed me to negotiate a job description and financial package that surpassed my expectations.

Vice President, GE Capital

Julia Harris has been my coach for about 20 years. She has a unique combination of integrity, judgment and insights which enable her to assist bankers to sort out their situations, priorities and options to help develop a specific action plan to reach their goals. In other words, she “gets it”. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional guidance.

Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley

As a Clinical Psychologist with a private practice I was searching for an Executive Coach to assist me in further developing my growing business. Upon my initial contact with Ms. Wexler, I was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm, communication skills, and professional demeanor. She has proven to be an outstanding coach and advocate for me professionally and personally. When I initially contacted Ms. Wexler, I was experiencing an “identity crisis” in my life, as I was trying rather unsuccessfully to manage the balance between motherhood and career. For the first time in my life I felt like I was treading unfamiliar territory and although I had attained a certain level of professional success in the past prior to becoming a mother, my new role presented me with challenges for which I felt unprepared. I was stuck personally and professionally. I began to feel depressed and overwhelmed. Having Julia as my Executive Coach has been an incredible experience. She reignited the spark in me that had disappeared. By believing in me and helping me to recognize my strengths, as well as the areas that were hindering my growth, I almost immediately felt a renewed sense of passion for my career. She helped me to set the necessary limits and boundaries in my life. She taught me the skills necessary to approach problems, eliminate limiting beliefs, and communicate more powerfully and confidently so that I could be the driving force propelling my business forward. Ms. Wexler led me through the process of self- discovery so that my inner strengths would be revealed and then she offered guidance for how to leverage those strengths and resources to achieve a total transformation of my business.

Dr. A

I found Julia to be an excellent listener who has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the issue. I attribute a large percentage of my increase in compensation over the last bonus cycle directly to her advice.

Director, Citigroup

Julia has been an invaluable resource, first as a search professional and now as an executive coach. Julia works with you to identify and evaluate possibilities, and her navigation of the alternatives is always balanced and thoughtful. She has the level-headed perspective that is rare in the business.

Managing Director, Banc of America